Twizzlez Hairdressing Wedding Services

You have set the date for your big day, and chosen your fairytale gown . . all that’s left is those final finishing touches. At Twizzlez we take all the stress out of those final, but all important details, by fulfilling all your hair care needs without the inconvenience of going to a salon.

We believe that to compliment your beautiful gown and head dress, all you need is the perfect hairstyle!

At Twizzlez we offer a complete Wedding Hair Care Service. This includes, not only your own hair on the day, but also the hair care needs of your bridesmaids and significant others. Hair care treatments and rehearsals for yourself and your bridesmaids are recommended in the proceeding weeks to your wedding, ensuring that we can be confidant in keeping your big day as stress-free as possible.

You can be assured that you and your loved ones will be left looking and feeling fantastic, ready to enjoy the day ahead to the full!

At Twizzlez we understand that everyone’s needs are different. The more confident of brides may relish in the idea of a complete restyle and colour, leaving your husband-to-be and guests speechless with admiration. While the more self conscious bride, may want a more natural, but glossy finish to their own hair, but with that added touch of glamour.

All Twizzlez Wedding Packages include a free consultation to assess the needs of yourself and your wedding party, and advice on all the options available. You will then quickly be contacted back, with full details of your own unique Wedding Hair Care Package. This will include all treatments, appointments to be arranged, and the overall cost of your personal wedding requirements.

If you have any queries about any services that we offer regarding Wedding Packages please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or via our website or Facebook page.

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